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Please fill out the form as best you can. If you are not sure about a particular field, leave it blank or contact us for assistance. Once you have completed this form, either use the "submit" button, located at the bottom of the form to send it electronically or mail it to us with your payment and 4 - 6 photos. After UPFSBO has received your payment, the information is then posted to the website within a few working days.

Photograph Submissions:

We strongly encourage you to include photographs of your home and property. We will accept a total of 4 - 6 photographs.

Tips for taking and emailing photos.

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Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC is an advertising service and is not a real estate company. We are not licensed real estate agents and do not participate in negotiating the actual sale of your home or in the completion of any paperwork. We highly recommend you consult with an Attorney regarding the sale or purchase of any real estate.

Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC will provide a yard sign for your use during the time your property is advertised through our service. This sign remains the property of Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC. Upon completion of the sale of your property, we will make arrangements to have your sign returned to us. Please leave the sign in the yard until that time. It is in your best interest to keep your sign visible at all times and in good condition.

Upon receipt of payment, property information will be displayed on the web site. Any requested changes or revisions will be applied to the original information as soon as possible. Property owners are responsible for providing all the information regarding their property. The accuracy of this information is not verified or guaranteed by Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC. Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC is not responsible for any failures, delays, or interruptions in the delivery of any content contained on the Internet.

We reserve the right to refuse advertising we deem unacceptable for public viewing. We will not knowingly accept any advertising that is in violation of the law, including the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968.

By completing and submitting a property information form to Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC you agree to the above listed terms and conditions. You also agree to hold Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, judgments, settlements, fines, legal fees and costs incurred by Upper Peninsula For Sale By Owner, LLC pertaining to information provided.


  Signs will be shipped to property owners outside of
the immediate Marquette area.



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Please use this space to further describe your home or property, including special features that will interest potential buyers.

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Please tell UPFSBO where you would like your yard sign placed. you must place a visible stake or marker indicating a "safe" (free from underground utilities) location.
*Signs will be shipped to property owners outside of
the immediate Marquette area.

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